So the my orchestra has an upcoming performance, I believe it is next week.  It is going to be the first time that I am going to see my old friends from orchestra, sadly I will not be playing with them since they are all in concert orchestra.  I am honestly a little nervous.  One of the four pieces I will be playing is called Journey and it is five pages long.  It is also the last song we will be playing and my arm is going to hurt like hell.  In addition to this problem I do not have a date to homecoming.  Which is in nine days.  I will probably just go with friends but tickets are sixteen dollars.  Which I feel like is really expensive.  This is a really short blog because I am overrun with homework.  Maybe if I did not wait till last minute to do everything it might be a different story, however I am a procrastinator.


High-School Orchestra

So in my high school there are two orchestras, concert and symphony.  Concert orchestra is the class that most freshman take.  Me being the most brilliant cellist ever (I’m just kidding…) I auditioned for symphony orchestra, so of course I got in….just kidding my ego is not that big.  Anyways we just received a new music piece… which is five pages long.  Whether or not you play an instrument with a bow, or even at all, I am pretty sure you can imagine how tired my arm can become.  My stand partner seems to think that it is ok to play on the rests and out of tune.  Unfortunately I am at the bottom of the pecking order, being the only freshman in that class, and my stand partner is a senior, therefore I will not be saying anything to him about it.  He is actually a very talented cellist if only he could focus, I am sure he could make first or second chair.

In concert orchestra there are two cellists, one viola, and 14 violins.  I know both cellists.  One is very talented and probably could have auditioned and got into the symphony orchestra with me.  However the second, who has been play for three years, she does not practice at all.  I honestly do not understand how you could play the cello with barely putting the bow on the fucking (sometimes I curse, get over it) string.  When she plays it makes people feel like when the grinch was eating glass in that movie.  More rants are sure to come this week, I am very full of them.


About Me

Hiii!  My name is Lily, I am a freshman in high school and a cellist.  I have been playing the cello since the sixth grade.  This blog will be about my struggles and success as a musician and a high school student.  I hope that this will be a place where fellow cellists can come together and support each other.  This blog will be a little bit of my high school experience, my journey as a cellist, and some random posts.  I will try and blog at least every other day if not more.  Feel free to contact me at lilyrenee20@gmail.com.